David “DJB0Y3000” Bermillo III, an artist, an entrepreneur, a king. Born and raised in California, this one-of-a-kind, multitalented individual has really dedicated his life to his art and his business. He strives to be the best that he can be, and is constantly looking for opportunities to grow as an artist, a professional, and a person. Being an adventurous perfectionist, he always challenges himself to try and learn new things. From new thinking strategies to new crafts, David dedicates himself to experiencing and perfecting as much as he can, and finds ways to incorporate it all into his work.

Born July 25th, 1995, David is only 20 years old but has a lot of knowledge and experience under his belt. From his freelance artist career to working on live film sets and everything in between, he has extensive experience within multiple artistic fields. But although it may seem as if he’s a predominately right side thinker, he knows quite a bit about business. Having run his own freelancing business for the past 8 years, and being a business major at Colorado Technical University, David has definitely spent quite a bit of time learning the business and uses that knowledge to make sure that not only he gets what he wants, but also that his clients get the best service and products they possible can.

David prides himself in giving his clients the best quality products possible at the most reasonable price possible. He believes in fair pricing, but he also knows his worth. Being the creative and ambitious individual that he is, his clients can almost be guaranteed that he will produce unique and innovative products that are custom tailored to each client. His ultimate goal in life is to not make others happy, but to be happy himself and to share his happiness with others. David enjoys doing what he does; he’s turned his interests and hobbies into a creative career that allows him to help others get one step closer to their dreams.

He’s a dreamer, he’s an artrepreneur, he is DJB0Y3000.



Welcome to MyKraziCamakazy, the official freelance design business of David “DJB0Y3000” Bermillo III.

Started back in 2007 as a MySpace resource site, a young David Bermillo was inspired by a friend to start creating his own backgrounds and templates for his profile. Once his friends started seeing what David would with his profile, they started requesting him to do custom templates for them! After a high demand for custom layouts, he decided to open up a new account dedicated to premade MySpace content. Within months of launching the account (and after a few name changes), different resource websites began to offer free content to David to help grow MyKraziCamakazy. From tips & tutorials to free hosting & domain names, many saw potential in MyKraziCamakazy and wanted to see it thrive.

Now, 8 years later, David has built up MyKraziCamakazy as his official brand.


King of Design

To separate his client work from his personal projects, David created the King of Design label. King of Design was made to show that he does art projects outside of his client work, that he is someone who is dedicated to his art and not just looking to make a quick buck.

Just in case there is any confusion as to what purpose the KOD label serves, it’s almost like a signature. When it comes to David’s traditional art pieces he’ll sign his signature in pen, when it comes to his digital pieces he’ll put the King of Design icon on the artwork.

The name isn’t to imply that David’s the greatest designer out there, mostly because every designer & artist has their own style and approach to creative problem solving. King of Design is to signify that David’s pieces with the icon stamped on it are a part of his creative kingdom.



The official YouTube channel of David “DJB0Y3000” Bermillo III.

Always trying his hand at new mediums, David uses his channel to inspire, update, and teach. YouTube and video creation really allows David to better his creative writing skills, directing abilities, and acting talent. At the same time he uses his channel to try and teach others something new. Although not as active as some of his other social media outlets, he tries his best to upload as much content as possible.

The aim of DiiJaeProductions is to teach & inform, but in a more relatable and entertaining way. David has experienced so many different personal and professional situations, and he’d like to share those experiences with the world so others can learn from his trials and tribulations. He wants to inspire and show young artists & entrepreneurs that you don’t have to be in with the “popular crowd” in order to be successful.





Killuminant Apparel



The Kandi Shoppe



King City Vapes


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