Bugs… All of the Bugs

So as you may or may not have noticed there are a few bugs on this site and they’ve either gone unnoticed or they’re really not that troublesome. But regardless of whether or not they’re affecting your ability to enjoy this site, I am working on fixing those bugs. With the new year right around the corner I want to make sure that everyone is able to view this site without any kind of hassle (including the site taking an eternity to load). Hopefully before my end-of-the-year activities commence, I’ll have this site in a better state than before.

So basically, I have less than a week to do it…

Wish me luck!

Stay Perfect!
– DJB0Y3000

The New Face

Alright so after much debate with myself about what layout I should use I finally decided to go with this one! I feel this is a nice change because of the fact that all of the important information is presented right at the very beginning AND I can still have a lot of flexibility to what kind of content I post and how the content is displayed. This is a nice, clean layout also that’s probably going to stay for a while. Don’t worry I’m still currently in the planning phase of my next web layout, but because of how nice this one is, it’s allowing me to confidently take more time to work on my new project without worrying about any kind of web layout ugliness.

I hope you guys like this layout!

Stay Perfect!
– David “DJB0Y3000” Bermillo